Accelerate sports injury recovery relieve back and joint pain
rapidly improve mobility

How I Can Help You

Address The Root Causes

When our nerves or muscles are under tension it affects how they function resulting in joint pain, muscle imbalances and recurring sports injuries. The key is to understand what causes tension in your muscles and nerves and then how to effectively and permanently release it.

The three major CAUSES of tension in our muscles and nerves are

● Poor posture
● Moving and exercising incorrectly
● Unhealthy head space/ mindsets/Stress

Why Stretching is NOT the most effective way to release tension.

● It does not address these root causes and therefore the results are slow, often painful and temporary.
● It requires lots of discipline, practice and patience
● You risk injuring yourself if you do not do them correctly 100% of the time.

The truth is there is an easier, faster and less painful way to release tension and relieve pain.


My program focuses on three key areas which address the causes of tension and pain.

  • Functional Movement
  • Functional Strength
  • Mindfulness and Stress Reduction Techniques

Functional Movement

Moving CORRECTLY involves natural movements in functional positions which helps your muscles regain their proper function and optimal length

Functional Strength

Optimally strengthen your key core muscles for correcting muscle imbalances and improving posture.

Mindfulness and Stress Reduction Techniques

This involves simple breathing techniques to quickly release stored tension in your nerves and muscles.

By making even small improvements in these 3 key areas you can:

● Rapidly improve mobility within a few days
● Relieve pain and reduce inflammation
● Injury proof your body

● Experience greater freedom of movement
● Build resilience against the effects of travelling or sitting for long periods


Sports Performance, Injury Recovery and Prevention

Learn your body’s optimal techniques for sports specific exercises to help you recover faster, injury proof yourself and enhance performance.

Special interest working with Sportsmen and women who are struggling with

  • Muscle imbalances
  • Shoulder, knee or back pain
  •  Recurring Injuries
  •  Breaking through plateaus

Suitable for all ages or level of sport

Exercises for Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis

Relieve joint pain and start to regain your strength and mobility with simple,easy and quick to do chair or functional exercise programs.

Slow down the aging process in your joints by learning your body’s optimal techniques for everyday movements and chores.

If you have had a recent operation and would like me to help you further, you will need the

  • 8 weeks recovery since the date of operation
  • Clearance from your doctor or physio
  • Not be in constant pain

The good news is no matter what stage of life or where you are in your journey you can get started and begin to feel the difference in a matter of a few days

How To Get Started

Choose an option below which best suits your needs.

Once you have made a purchase, I will receive a booking confirmation with your email address and will be in contact with you within 24-48 hours to schedule a time and date to get started.

The sessions are done over zoom or skype using video


I tweak,order and guide you through your exercises as we go, to maximize your results

Email Coaching Support

$ 49 USD
  • Ask any questions you may have about your existing exercise program or condition
  • Experience greater results/improvements with weekly support (feedback on your progress/encouragement)
  • Receive a personal reply to your emails within 3 working days or less.

Single Consultation

$ 79 USD
  • 1 x 40 minute one on one session
  • Posture and Movement Assessment
  • Ask any questions you have related to your exercise program or injury
  • Tweak and order your exercise to maximise results and avoid common pitfalls
  • PDF Notes emailed to you from our consultation together, within 2 working days

One on One Coaching

Customized Program 4 weeks
$ 279 USD
  • 1x 40 minute one-on-one session to map out a clear, customized program
  • 3 x 30 minutes one-on-one sessions with flexible scheduling to go at your pace
  • I tweak and order your exercises as we go, to maximize your results
  • Mindfulness and stress reduction techniques to relieve pain and release tension.
  • Get your questions answered on a regular basis or whenever it pops up.
  • A personal reply via email within 24 hours during business days (Mon-Fri)


Kind words from my clients!

"Carl has a genuine care for the outcome of his clients and I have witnessed him achieve excellent results for very challenging cases, thus improving their quality of life greatly"
Paddison Program
Your suggested tweaking of my running style has worked well so far. Calf muscles seem very relaxed, running times up the mountain are better than ever and the knees and lower back feel really good on the steep descents. Thanks a lot for your help.
Wine Maker
"In every session I have been blown away at the body, how each part is connected to the other. Carl educates in personal and practical way which I’ve found to be highly beneficial in my everyday life; bending, lifting, stair climbing. What I appreciate is that every movement, and how it’s presented, is how the body should move naturally and without strain"
Carl treated me for severe sciatica a few years back. I was working as a chef at the time, and suffering excruciating pain when I had to stand for prolonged periods. At the time, my family and I were also getting ready to emigrate and were under severe stress. I arranged one remote session with Carl, via Skype. I was amazed at how well the remote session worked. The exercises he directed me to do under his watchful eye were simple, and I could feel a difference immediately. What I was not prepared for, was how obviously the mind and body are connected in terms of pain and healing. When Carl explained how my living in the future (our immigration) was affecting my body, and when he showed me how to release it, I was astonished at how quickly the pain was released. Carl is extremely knowledgeable and professional and communicated the exercises very clearly. I cannot recommend his services highly enough.
Jo Styles
"Working with Carl has been absolutely amazing. At first I was not sure how the skype sessions would work but they have been effortless. Carl has helped my son Luc build core strength and watching him get fitter and stronger each week has been phenomenal. I can not recommend him highly enough, he is such a nice guy and his online sessions have been a powerful part of Luc's healing" Jo
Luc's Mum
I am grateful every day that I found Carl Reader. I was in a very low state physically and emotionally after the sudden death of my husband. I already had longstanding rheumatoid arthritis and after suffering a fall, I spent months in bed and was weakened and unable to stand or use my walker. I found Carl through an interview he did with a man who helps to counsel people with rheumatoid arthritis on making lifestyle changes. Carl started me on some gentle exercises which changed over time as I grew stronger and more able to do more. He also taught me how to be gentle with myself, and not get discouraged. He has also helped me see the importance of how my thoughts and emotions affect my body. His help and guidance have truly been a Godsend to me as I continue on my journey of growing stronger. Thank you, Carl!!
New York, United States
My back is feeling much better (a massive turnaround from where I was). I rode another 130 km this weekend and no pain or major discomfort for me for 2 weekends in a row!
Demetre Nicolopoulos
Cape Town
Your name was recommended to me by my wife whose Orthopaedic Surgeon recommended you as well. After one month’s treatment, the improvement to my back was remarkable. In fact, I have had no problems since.
Lou Rose
"Having Carl to help me was a God send because my ability to use my body without pain and difficulty has improved enormously. No sciatica at all and much less difficulty with the scoliosis and other aches and pains"
85 Year Old
"What sets Carl apart is his commitment to helping his clients understand how their bodies move as an integrated unit,and I really appreciate is uncompromising focus on quality of movement and its link to quality of life. His insights and coaching have helped me to adapt and change how I move for the better,which has had a significant effect on reducing my knee pain by addressing and eliminating the strain I was placing on my joints through poor movement habits" Oliver Vierhaus
Business Owner
Carl's passion for his work is obvious and a joy to see. His advice regarding functional movement has helped me improve a hip issue that was affecting every part of my day, and most frustratingly, my running. The exercises were easy to do, and the suggestions he made, very rational. I'd recommend Carl to anyone looking for sustainable improvements to long standing injuries.
Rory Eliot
For a long time, I struggled with severe tension, pain, and even tremors in my body due to built-up stress over a long period of time. Visits to other health practitioners and medication only provided short term relief. I went to Carl to try an alternative approach, honestly not expecting much. The simple and easy exercises he proposed also left me doubting. Much to my delight, a few days after I started doing it, my symptoms improved dramatically and I even started an exercise regime which I am still following today!
Rebeca (17 years old)
South Africa

My Story

Hi, I am Carl Reader. I am a Functional Movement Coach, Personal Trainer and have a background in Exercise Physiology and Pilates.

Early on in my profession, I noticed many of the traditional strengthening exercises and stretching methods used in gym classes and rehabilitation were not working for many patients and clients especially those with back, knee and shoulder pain.

I then realized most of the exercises and stretches recommended although being scientific were not necessarily functional or natural movements the body was designed to do. For the past 2 decades, I have been researching, analyzing and discovering what exactly the body’s functional movements look like and how to master the techniques to do them correctly. Since then I have been sharing my insights and functional movements with my patients and clients and getting great results.



In the beginning, you will only be using your own body weight. Then afterward you will need some weights either dumbbells or kettlebells. If you can get some kettlebells this is the best option. The weight will be dependent on your level or condition. I also recommended having an exercise resistance bands or rubber tubing.

It is the phase of rehabilitation where you start the conditioning process needed to return to sports training and competition and is usually 6-8 weeks following an injury or operation. It also involves strengthening the uninjured areas of your body.

Gain without pain and focus on movements not muscles. I believe the body is designed to move and therefore exercises and movements need to be in accord with the body’s designed movements in order to recover faster, exercise safer and prevent injuries. 

Yes, however its important to note I may have to suggest leaving out certain exercises you may be doing or been advised to do. I always will give you a thorough explanation as to why I think you should leave out certain exercises. Also I may need to make some small adjustments to your technique. I like to complement the work your health professionals are doing and very often in communication with them to make sure we are on the same page.


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